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"We are the Coast Guard for Data!"

Sure, anyone can find obvious issues with Data. But it takes Machine Learning to find all the rest.




You don’t know what you don’t know. EGGHEAD AI combs through the current data and generates reports about the findings - eliminating hours of man-power and human error.



Is all of your data in compliance with current federal, state and local regulatory guidelines? Are newly coded “data rules” needed to protect your company's data and the personal information of your customers?


eGGHead’s program identifies outliers so you can make a note of where information is missing and how to rectify it. Perhaps a particular option allows for 8 characters instead of 9 when asking for an SSN, so you have a set of 8-digit SSNs.



Our Story 

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Founded by Data and Analytics expert Michael Davis in 2018, EGGHEAD AI is the answer to an industry-wide problem he has been tackling for years: bad data. Bad data can be defined as captured data that is inaccurate, found in duplicate, anomalous, or out of compliance with federal, national or local regulations. Bad data can ruin a company's analysis, skew projections and, at worse, cause legal trauma. EGGHEAD AI’s unique, machine-led intelligence algorithm is able to scan data, classify it and create new guardrails for it -- optimizing the output inspired by the findings.  Through a product package previously only offered by tech giants for exorbitant pricing, EGGHEAD AI can save your company time and resources with their end-to-end governance solutions.  

Meet our CEO

Michael Davis is the Founder and CEO of eGGHEAD Ai.  He is originally from St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands.  He is a global industry speaker and thought leader.  Mr. Davis is has been a Senior Data and Analytics Leader with extensive experience in Business and Technology, establishing and working within Data Governance/Quality programs, and assisting organizations in using Analytics to improve the way they do Business.

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Are you actively monitoring the health of your Data?  Do you check regulations regularly for updates on what counts as PII? Does your system pick up on structured and unstructured Data?​

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