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"We are the Coast Guard for Data!"

Sure, anyone can find obvious issues with Data. But it takes Machine Learning to find all the rest.



Understand your Data

With eGGHEAD, we’ll take the immense amount of information you already have and distill it into patterns and indicators. With these in hand, you’ll gain extraordinary insights that you can use in improving your data protection. Our expertise combined with provided data means you get a consultative approach on how to manage your data. 


Mitigate your Data Risk

 Personal Identifying Information is handed out without regard and without the knowledge of where it may end up. eGGHead uses powerful algorithms and data sets. With this information, your systems will be transformed into highly-sophisticated experts that know exactly when and where PII is appropriate. 

Discover Outliers in your Data

eGGHead’s program identifies outliers so you can make a note of where information is missing and how to rectify it. Perhaps a particular option allows for 8 characters instead of 9 when asking for an SSN, so you have a set of 8-digit SSNs. Without eGGHead, these 8-digits would happily float around until a human caught it, and even then it may not be identified as a recurring issue. ​​



Our Story 

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eGGHEAD arose from an unrequited need. Mike has worked with data throughout his career and noticed that, as regulations around Personal Identifying Information tightened, program vendors were slow to keep up. The available offerings were dated, imprecise, and, at best, performed very basic functions. Given his experience and drive, he set to work and decided to take matters into his own hands.  He quickly formed a team, and established an Advisory Board.  In October of 2018 they started serious work on eGGHEAD with the intent to create something that would solidly adhere to compliance laws and prevent data risks. More than that, they strove for a program that would do more than just protect information. They wanted to be able to take that information to support strategy decisions and provide insights.

Meet our CEO

Michael Davis is the Founder and CEO of eGGHEAD Ai.  He is originally from St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands.  He is a global industry speaker and thought leader.  Mr. Davis is has been a Senior Data and Analytics Leader with extensive experience in Business and Technology, establishing and working within Data Governance/Quality programs, and assisting organizations in using Analytics to improve the way they do Business.

Data on a Touch Pad

Are you actively monitoring the health of your Data?  Do you check regulations regularly for updates on what counts as PII? Does your system pick up on structured and unstructured Data?​

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